A hot mess of a human with perpetually itchy feet, who daydreams too much and wants to conquer the world.

This isn’t another eat-pray-love situation, I swear…

How good is the overwhelming feeling of excitement and adventure when you’re somewhere new? Taking in all the fresh sights, strange smells and tasting something completely different to anything you’ve ever tried. Meeting the amazing locals that have shaped the place into what it is today. Finding people on your level in the most random corners of the globe and becoming lifelong friends. Cracking open a local cold brew with whoever is around at the time and having a laugh. One of my favorite parts of travel is falling in love with a place and staying a while to get to know it until it feels like home. This is all what travel is for me and nothing makes me happier.

Living off sunshine, tea, fruit, and curry in Sri Lanka @beerosej

Luckily for me, I was born in Australia. The land of decent wages and an easy passport. I never forget how fortunate I am to be able to enter so many countries with ease.

I’m also incredibly lucky to be alive in this digital age, where you can make money as long as you have a wifi connection.

Australia (pronounced straya) will always be my home. I’ve road tripped around both the east and west coast, and its vast natural beauty is mind-blowing…But its bloody expensive has too many rules and drop bears are scary, so I had to leave.

See ya never!

I realize travel isn’t all perfect sunsets and good times. I’ve gotten myself into some pretty messed up situations. But you live and you learn. It definitely hasn’t put a damper on my dream to keep going.

I’m writing this on Wednesday the 27th of September 2017, from a beautiful, small town in Sri Lanka: Weligama. With not a lot in my bank account and a mission to chase the sun around the world; this blog is a sort of experiment to hold myself accountable.

And if someone happens to read it….

Maybe you can learn from my mistakes (I’ve made a lot), get the most out of your travels and possibly even be entertained.